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Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brent Giddens treats each song he writes with a painstaking level of dedication, reverence, respect and as he’ll readily admit, even a bit of obsession. Giddens wrote tirelessly before his new album released on April 20th, 2022.  The 14-track album features songs such as his current single, "Without A Truck" .  The Album,  "FIVE"  follows the Oklahoma-based performer’s successful debuts, 2021's  PICTURES, 2020's PICK YOUR POISON, 2018’s  RED DIRT BLUES, and 2017's WORTH IT.


The goal going forward then, Giddens insists, is to never remain stagnant.   He has a packed touring and playing schedule, and always tries to make time for writing new music.  He idolizes musicians who are always redefining their creativity. He intends to do the same. “My goal is to totally evolve and reinvent myself with each record I make,” Giddens says. “It’s about changing with each record and really not giving a damn about what others think. And if you can pull that off, well, that’s a pretty special thing.”

Taken from his strong Midwestern values, and life experiences, Brent has taken the good with the bad. Single father, he expects to be writing several songs about love, family, and a lot of emotion. Brent enjoys writing creative lyrics that have a simple cadence. Moreover, turning a negative quality or situation into a comical play on words is also a goal for Brent. The country music listener has always accepted this notion with open arms.

The Brent Giddens Band is widely recognized as one of the Top Country/Red Dirt Bands in the area as well as the Nation.  You can catch them playing somewhere close to you! Check out the TOUR button on this site.



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